About Japan Communications Metalingua

Japan Communications Metalingua (JCM) is based in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. We started with teaching Japanese and translation in government organizations. When the Internet became available to the public, our founder, Yoshie Furumoto designed a Web page from scratch for the Embassy of Japan in Canada in 1995, prior to establishing the company. Since then, she (later along with her staff) has integrated language and Web skills to promote communications between the West and Japan.

Founder Profile: Yoshie Furumoto, MAT

Born in Japan, a former Cultural Attache at the Embassy of Japan in Canada with a strong teaching background and translation expertise, Yoshie Furumoto brings to Japan Communications Metalingua solid skills in integrated language service. Besides her extensive professional experience in the English-speaking community, she is familiar with several other cultures, including the French, Hindi and Sanskrit languages. This enables her to communicate with clients of varied background.